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Live tweeting an event


The 11th annual Powwow put on by NASA at St.Mary’s University on November 12th in the Pecan Grove. There was food, vendors, music, and performances throughout the event.

This was my first powwow and because I didn’t know what to expect I had to figure out what was going on and what to capture. What went well is that there was plenty of events going on to capture and at various times of the day. What I found challenging was finding the appropriate time to take a picture since this was a cultural event and at times it would have been rude to just take out my camera. Getting in the right position to take a photo or to tweet was also difficult. There also weren’t many names or people announced, it was mostly an announcing of what was going to happen next. So, my tweets were mainly about what was going on rather than people or quotes. What I would’ve done differently is maybe going around to get presenters names or the names of the dancers to present them properly in my posts. But the powwow wasn’t about individual dancers but the event as a whole. Using twitter to announce what was happening was difficult but made me think of what to say or post quickly. The message came across through the tweets especially since I included pictures with every tweet. Having to think quickly and take a photo on the spot enhanced my storytelling and communication skills as I had to constantly look for things to tweet about and how to announce it.

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Come Along with Jacqueline Pena


Jacqueline Pena is not only an assistant director of resident life but also an ND professor. Her day consists of not only fulfilling her duties as an assistant director such as selecting new student staff and meetings but also interacting with students and getting to know them. She talks about what she hopes to achieve as a professor and as a director through her role at St.Mary’s.

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Media Production Class


This is a photo of my Media Production 1 class

Top Row (from left to right): Jauregui, Sara Y.Adcock, Steal L.Grohman, Troy A.Ortiz, LeslieGonzalez, DanielaArredondo, Claudia J.Dahlquist-Bauer, Joseph R.  .

Bottom row ( from left to right): Hodge, Sydnee S., Holly S. , Zepeda, Alexis I.Wu, Chao Lan , Xu, Ye Lu (Paris), Isabel Vera.

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Course Reflection

Beginning this semester as a junior brings many complex feelings as I am half way through college. This means I am almost done with my degree which is good but I also have to start really thinking about my career and what I will do after college which is scary. As I take this course. what I find the most exciting is learning more about editing and working with programs that I like such as Photoshop. What I am also excited for is being able to create my own work, which as a business major is often lacking as I only get to work on group projects that involve making business plans.

The two challenges I anticipate this semester is finding people to interview and also making good content to edit. A way to manage my first challenge is to ask friends of mine who go to St.Mary’s Continue reading “Course Reflection”