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Final Project-Essay

  1. How has this class helped you strengthen your communication skills in the following areas: 1) technologically, 2) visually and 3) interpersonally?

The most significant thing that helped me strengthen my communication skills technologically was the audio recorder and mic. This strengthened my communication skills by getting me out of my comfort zone. I have been able to increase my communication skills with every project and expand my comfort “bubble” as I’ve interviewed friends, my mom , my professor, and fellow students. From the first audio project onwards, the recorder and mic have helped me adapt. Through the use of my camera I have both technologically and visually been able to build upon my communication skills as I try to get good angles and ask to take video or photos. For example, during the A Day in the Life and Scene on Campus projects I was in public settings and had to step out of my comfort zone by asking people if I could get a good shot. Communicating to my interviewee where I would like the picture/video to be taken and at what time of day helped my communication skills significantly and also my visuals.

My interpersonal skills have strengthened through the aspects of listening, socializing, and communicating verbally and nonverbally. With each project listening has been key with communication not only when checking to see if an area is quiet enough, collecting natural and ambient sounds but also when conducting an interview. Another huge aspect of my interpersonal skills that improved was learning to socialize better so that I could get interviews with a good story and a person connected to the story or project. With each project I was pushed out of my comfort zone more and more but eventually it got easier.

What I noticed with each project especially the Scene on Campus project was that being able to communicate with someone I did not know that well was a bit hard but worked out. I developed a better understanding for the schedules of my interviewees but was also able to communicate when it was good to meet and what shots I needed or what questions I was going to ask. Throughout this semester I was able to develop these skills with each project that we did until I was comfortable asking someone I did not know well if I could interview them. The skills that I have gained here not only with communication but with software will stay with me long after I leave this class as they are useful to other classes I have, jobs, and everyday life.

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