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Course Reflection

Beginning this semester as a junior brings many complex feelings as I am half way through college. This means I am almost done with my degree which is good but I also have to start really thinking about my career and what I will do after college which is scary. As I take this course. what I find the most exciting is learning more about editing and working with programs that I like such as Photoshop. What I am also excited for is being able to create my own work, which as a business major is often lacking as I only get to work on group projects that involve making business plans.

The two challenges I anticipate this semester is finding people to interview and also making good content to edit. A way to manage my first challenge is to ask friends of mine who go to St.Mary’s¬†and also professors I am close to, to be interviewed. A way to manage the second challenge is to make sure to learn how to use the software effectively and turn in my assignments/projects on time. I chose the minor of visual communication design because I thought it would be useful as a marketing major to gain experience in the areas of design and media. It would help me in my career if I ever needed to create content or was in charge of any design aspects in my job. This course in itself could help me learn how to better use editing software, media equipment and how to create content. During this semester, I mostly hope to become better at using certain programs and software. I am grateful that the university offers such a course that allows me to better my skills in these areas.

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